What is DCA Stack?

DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging

DCA Stack is a bot that automates dollar cost averaging of your favorite cryptocurrencies.

This entire web app was built by a single person (me) because the lack of DCA options was surprising! My only options were either to pay the expensive recurring buy fees on exchanges (if they even offered) or to sign up on a bot trading platform and create my own DCA rules.
I wanted something simple and straightforward so I built this :)

Why Dollar Cost Average?

One look at this chart and you should be sold: https://dcabtc.com/​

Wait fees on exchanges and recurring buys?

If you pay close attention to the fees in recurring buys, they're outrageous. For someone with a small DCA budget, this would often mean a fee of 1% (sometimes more!). For others who have larger DCA budgets, it can be much more steeper. That's money you're losing out of your DCA budget just for the sheer convenience. So I built DCA stack to restore purchasing power to YOU.

Wait what about trading platforms where I can DCA?

I used these trading platforms but I never found one that supported my exchanges, offered easy strategy building and free access. None of those trading platforms had all three, it was either one or the other. Like how hard is it to have a default strategy available that says "hey buy X crypto every Y days for $Z". Most places didn't have that ease of access so I had to pivot to something custom built.

Surely there must be other web apps like DCA Stack?

You'd be surprised. I actually have used all of them prior to building this web app. Much like the trading platforms, they had the same issues (lack of supported exchanges, lack of trading pairs, costly subscription). So here we are.

What's the subscription fee for DCA Stack?

Currently, none. Since this is in public alpha we run purely off donations (https://www.dcastack.com/donate) and you spreading the word about DCA stack :) In the future, there may be a small subscription fee but right now I have no plans of monetization.

Getting Started

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the essentials.
We hope to add more guides as more people join the team but for now, it's just me :)
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