Creating Your First Schedule

Are you excited, because I am!

The basics

Hopefully, you've read the Finding API Keys section by now. With your API information noted down, you're ready to start your first schedule to DCA!
All you have to do is navigate to the Trade link found in the navbar.

Add New Schedule

Now you're on the DCA page. Go ahead and click the giant button and fill everything out. Please double check everything and once everything is to your liking, go ahead and click start!
For your trading pair, the format is CRYPTO/FIAT. So this would mean inputting BTC/USD if you want to buy BTC with USD. Or ETH/EUR if you want to buy ETH with EUR. And so on.
You may also use any stablecoin to place your schedule. So this would mean inputting BTC/USDT if you want buy BTC with USDT. Or ETH/DAI if you want to buy ETH with DAI. And so on.
Any trading pair supported by the exchange will work so please be careful when using this!

Start Schedule

Now when you click start, you get a confirmation dialog to make sure you are truly ready. Use this moment to triple check everything and if everything is in order, confirm and let's get started!
Now at this point, a few things can happen. The ideal scenario is the order gets placed and everything runs swimmingly! But of course, some unforeseen things can also happen. We detail potential errors below in our troubleshooting section which is conveniently placed next.