How does it work?
Let's get cracking!
The entire functionality depends on the API keys generated by users on their exchange of choice. These API keys allow the website to place market orders at your DCA schedule, send order notifications and display portfolio balances.
It is important to note, you never send us any funds and all funds will always remain on your exchange! NEVER EVER EVER enable withdrawal permissions on your API keys when using third party web apps, trading bots, whatever!
Further, please only keep funds necessary to facilitate Dollar Cost Averaging. What this means is that you only keep your monthly DCA budget on the exchange. At least once a month, you should be logging into your exchange to transfer funds into a hardware wallet. This is considered best practice and further eliminates the risk of using API keys to trade on your behalf.

Wtf is a API Key?

An API key is simply a way for code to interact with other code. The beauty of API keys is that you get to decide what permissions to enable. Since you are in charge of API key generation via the exchange you trade on, you have full control of what is allowed and what is not.
For the website to function correctly, we ask that you enable the ability to trade (DCA buys) and view account balances (portfolio dashboard).
We will NEVER ask you to enable withdrawal permissions for the safety of everyone involved.
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