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Data Privacy

I made this other section called Data Privacy to give users an insight into what data we collect, store and use when using this web app.
The only data we keep pertains to your user account and exchange connections that is vital to the operation of Dollar Cost Averaging and website login.
What this means for your user account:
  • Your email / name (used for login and order notifications)
  • Password (hashed)
What this means for exchange connections:
  • Your exchange API details (encrypted)
  • Order frequency
  • Order cost
And that's it. We do not store any data of what you traded, where you traded, when you traded, how much you traded, etc etc.
We simply fetch information on the fly when you log into the website. We value your privacy and make all efforts to store AS LITTLE data as possible while providing a superior experience :)
Think of DCA Stack as a simple interface to automate your Dollar Cost Averaging strategy, that's it.