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We aren't perfect but we are transparent.
So you're having some issues with your instance? No fear! So did as I was building this web app.
Let's go through them!
If this guide doesn't help, please feel free to contact us!
Please recheck your API details.
Did you perhaps paste your API secret in the key section or vice versa? Or did you add an extra space in any of the fields? A small typo? Maybe the wrong exchange was selected?
Please ensure you have enough funds to place an order.
Is your exchange account funded with enough funds to place an order?
Please increase purchase amount or contact us for further assistance!
Some exchanges will not allow users to place orders below a certain value. This varies from exchange to exchange. When in doubt increase order size and purchase interval and try again.
Could not connect because exchange is unreachable. Please try again later.
The exchange either rate limited us or it is truly down (quite rare). Give it a few minutes and try again and it should resolve itself.
Connection issue, please double check your API details or contact us!
If you've verified your API and still get this error, something funky is going on that is not the errors listed above. Please get in touch with us and we'll sort it out for you.